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The Best Way to Shine Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors will remain intact and looking like new for a lifetime when cared for properly. The problem is, when cleaning the floors you often end up using a commercial cleaning solution that leaves film behind. This quickly dulls the look of the hardwood and diminishes the attractive shine of y

How to Clean Film on a Marble Shower

Marble showers are an indulgent luxury. Cleaning them, however, is not. As soap and filth are washed in the shower each day, a film may develop on the marble. Unlike on glass or tile showers, however, harsh detergents cannot be used on marble showers. Although marble is perceived as a hard surface,

How to Troubleshoot an Oasis Water Cooler

Oasis produces a range of water coolers for use in the home and office. Features of Oasis water coolers include drip trays, large refrigeration units, extra capacity storage tanks, and hot and cold water availability. If your Oasis water cooler does not operate properly, you can troubleshoot the ma

How to Remove Perspiration Stains From Whites

White shirts are a staple in many people's wardrobes. Unfortunately, white clothes are also very likely to getting stained. One of the most prominent stains on white shirts are perspiration stains. These unsightly yellow stains might seem impossible to get rid of, but you can actually remove sweat s

How to Gut a Room

Whether by choice or necessity, gutting a room means lots of sweat and hard work. If you're doing a full scale remodel of a space usually requires removing everything "to the studs." A natural disaster, such as a flood, may force you to gut a portion of the house. In a nutshell, gutting me

How Dangerous is Mold From Leaves?

Leaf mold is a certain species of mold that grows on leaves after they've fallen to the ground in the fall and started to decay. Mold from leaves can be dangerous to some individuals who are predisposed to allergies, but other people can tolerate it, and even find it useful for gardening application

How to Remove the Chips From Lead Crystal

Over time, expensive crystal can get damaged. If you have some chipped pieces, there is a simple way to remove these chips from your crystal and have it looking almost new.

How to Clean the Plastic on Shoes

Many shoes have plastic coating or accessories that quickly develop residue and film. The plastic is typically clear and shiny, but normal wear and tear will leave the plastic parts of the shoes looking dull and worn. To clean the plastic parts of the shoes properly, keep a few inexpensive cleaning

How to Apply Leveling Cement

Leveling cement is available in many forms, from pre-mixed products available in buckets of varying sizes, to dry mixes that require water to activate. The form the product takes when purchased does not matter as long as it is formulated to be smoothed over an unlevel or pitted subfloor. Floor tiles

How to Remove Heavy Mud Stains

Mud may seem innocuous enough. But if left in place long enough, mud can stain your clothes, your carpet, and any other fabric it finds its way onto. The good news is that mud is fairly easy to get out of any washable fabric, but only if you haven't washed it yet. The heat from the washing machine a

How to Get Tangles Out of the Hair on the Back of Your Neck

Tangles in your hair can ruin your day. Not only are they messy and unsightly, but they can also be painful to remove. The fine hairs along the hairline at the back of your neck can be sensitive to the pulling and tugging that accompany your morning grooming session. When you are sleeping, these hai

Sea Cucumber Care in a Home Aquarium

A sea cucumber is an invertebrate related to the sea star. While some are less than an inch long, others exceed three feet. When kept in the aquarium, sea cucumbers eat the organic waste left by fish and remove bacteria from the substrate.

How to Clean Stains From Exterior Wood Paneling

Exterior wood paneling provides many years of protection for your home. Unfortunately, a number of environmental factors, such as trees, can occasionally cause stains. You must clean wood siding with a cleaner that's appropriate for your specific type of paneling. You should also take into considera

DIY Vinyl on the Ceiling of a Garage

When redoing your garage or simply trying to place vinyl on the ceiling, this small change can enhance the entire look of the garage. You want to use vinyl that wears well and is easy to install. Placing vinyl on your garage ceiling also will act as a great insulator

Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips

Cleaning stainless steelStainless Steel Sink image by Hedgehog from Fotolia.comStainless steel has become a very popular choice for kitchen appliances in the past few years. Its durability and aesthetics make it ideal for kitchens as well as other areas of the home. Keeping it clean is...

PTO Posthole Digger Instructions

If you have ever tried to dig postholes by hand with jobbers, you know it's a difficult task. Even using a gas-powered posthole digger is hard work. Using a PTO (power take off) posthole digger attached to a tractor can make the task much easier especially if you have several postholes to dig. Knowi

Latex Paint Removal

Latex paint is relatively simple and easy to work with. It is water-soluble, dries quickly and rarely needs to be removed before the surface can be repainted. Nonetheless, latex paint can create stains on some surfaces. If the paint is peeling or flaking, it must be removed before repainting. Method

Homemade Antibacterial Dish Soap

The next time you use up your dish soap, rinse out the squeeze bottle and save it. You can make your own antibacterial dish soap in less than 10 minutes with just a few ingredients. Making your own dish soap is friendly to your budget. Plus, you can control the ingredients that go into it. Homemade

How to Unclog a Spray Bottle

Spray bottle nozzles are designed to spray liquid in an even fashion from a bottle. Nozzles are used on hairspray, paint, leave-in conditioner and household cleaning bottles. Occasionally, residue from the liquid inside the bottle can build up on the nozzle and clog the spraying mechanism. This is e

Pros & Cons of Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products can be bought in premixed solutions, or you can make cleaning products from ingredients at home. Salt, vinegar, baking soda and lemons are all key ingredients in making your own cleansers.