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How to Even Out the Ground for an Aboveground Swimming Pool

It is absolutely vital to build an aboveground pool on level soil. In most cases, the pressure from the water inside the pool keeps the pool sides vertical. If you have more water pressure on one side of the pool, it can cause the pool to collapse. Although there is no simple way for doing this, tak

Using Landscaping Stone for Proper Drainage and Aesthetics

Water pooling on your property is unattractive and dangerous. Landscaping stones provide a variety of beautiful, effective drainage options. Here are some great ideas for retaining walls and other structures featuring landscaping stones of all types.

Privacy Screens That Have a Whole New Meaning

The best every privacy screens are some of the latest high tech designs that have truly given screens and room dividers a whole new meaning. Screens of this nature are state of the art designs and will most definitely not only give your home a modern look but are guaranteed to be the main conversati

What to Look for When Buying a Water Pump for a Lake

When you are in the market to purchase a garden pond pump and filter, because you really cannot do without one if you are building a pond, and you need to have a basic understanding of what the pump should be able to do, this article should help you sift through the hundreds of garden pond pumps tha

How to Replant a Barren Patch of Lawn

One of the difficulties of having a grass lawn is keeping that uniform look throughout the year. Patches in the lawn can be caused by a variety of things, all the way down to poor watering practices or a dog favoring one spot in the lawn for its toilet time. If you think your lawn may have a disease

How to Get Rid of Black Algae Before Closing My Aboveground Pool

Black algae spores are completely invisible until they begin to infest your pool. Once they start, a disgusting black, stringy spot can invade your pool water within a matter of hours. The immediate reaction of many pool owners is to simply add more chlorine to the pool. While this may temporarily g

Understanding Lawn Care in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma lawn care is full of challenges. If you are too busy to tackle the problems yourself then why not hire out a professional landscaper?

Faux Brick - Adding Instant Appeal to Your Home

Applying the beautiful traditional look of brick gives your home a great makeover. However, by choosing a faux alternative, you can have that look without having to break the bank. Traditional bricks can be very expensive and can involve tearing down walls and additional construction to apply, but a

Wall Cladding Is The Natural Alternative

Veneer is a type of coating that can be placed on virtually anything. From teeth to a wood, veneer has been covering items for a while. Stone veneer brings a new definition to the word, however. Stone veneer, or manufactured stone is not just a look alike thin pressed chemically processed piece of m

Bushes Landscaped To Draw Near Flora And Fauna

Usually the bushes landscaped are used to draw the nature and wildlife such as birds near to itself. Birds and smaller animals are mostly attracted to the bushes which give off fruits.

Raymur Tree Removal

Raymur Avenue is located in downtown Vancouver, a widely known tourist location that features many shops and businesses. But Vancouver is also home to breathtakingly beautiful scenery including evergreen and maple trees. The trees provide many benefits for both humans and nature alike. Unfortunately

Man-Made Ponds - Put One in Your Backyard and Learn What Filter Method to Use

Easy Handling Advice for Filters for Ponds. Filters for ponds would be one of the first things you'd need to secure when you're thinking of setting up a pond in your back yard. Once you have the pond inhabited with plants and fishes, the water needs to be clean and clear, for your setup to

Garden Fountains - How to Find the Right One

Garden fountains can add a wonderful element to your garden. Whether it's the centerpiece of your garden or merely a compliment, a fountain can help you relax by appealing to multiple senses. Here are some things to consider when looking for a new garden fountain.

Sealant & Waterproofing

Many products exist to maximize sealant and waterproofing around the home. Some of these products are excellent and some are not so good, but nothing can substitute for sound design that understands the nature of water. Poor building design that invites water to come in will not be fixed by the appl

The Time for Grass Seeds to Germinate

Grass seeds germinate when soil temperatures favor their germination. For instance, cool season grass varieties germinate in the early spring. Whereas, warm season grass types germinate in the late spring. The time it takes grass seed to germinate after they have been sown in the soil depends on the

How to Loose-Stack Rock Wall Landscaping

Loose-stack rock walls, which are also called dry-stacked walls, are used for both raised flower-bed borders and full retaining walls in the landscape. Such a wall will retain earth on one side. Unlike other types of walls, which are held together with mortar or cement, the stones in loose-stack wal

Give Your Dog a Strong Shield With the Cedar Dog House

Your dog deserves a comfortable place to stay as much as you do. Though not all you can give to him as it will not appreciate it, at least give the dog feeling of security. In return with your kindness to the dog, it will also give his loyalty to you.

How to Care for a Zoysia Lawn

Zoysia makes an ideal lawn grass because of its flexibility. It prefers full sun, but it is quite shade-tolerant. And it can survive extremely hot temperatures that would kill most other lawn grasses. It is even salt-tolerant, which makes it great for homes near the beach. In fact, zoysia grass is s