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Can Termites Bore Through Block Foundation?

Termites feed on the cellulose in wood products and are the most destructive wood-eating insects in North America. In nature, they perform a valuable service by recycling decayed wood from fallen trees back into soil. These pests, however, cannot distinguish between rotting wood and the wood used to

How to Get Rid of Mice Outside

Mice are small mammals that inhabit woodsy areas as well as residential and commercial buildings. A mouse's mission in life is simple: survival. This means finding adequate and reliable food sources, water sources and warmth. Mice that are outdoors will typically eat leaves, nuts and seeds, plus the

How to Make Tissue Paper Candle Holders

Candles add ambience to any home. These tissue paper-covered candle holders are easy and yet very attractive. Make several for a centerpiece on your holiday dinner table or place them on a mantel over the fireplace. The graduated layers of tissue paper make it look like there are various shades of c

Are Screen Doors Safe?

Having a cool breeze helps cool off a home with out the aid, and expense, of a cooling system. We've all enjoyed the comforts of an open window or door on a breezy day. A lot of people enjoy it so much that they install a screen door just for this purpose.

How to Purchase Furniture Slipcovers Online

Furniture slipcovers easily fit into new design styles when you are changing your living spaces. Purchasing a slipcover for your furniture is much less expensive than buying new pieces. You can use the extra money you save for other parts of your redecorating budget. Not only can a slipcover hide un

How to Get Rid of "Angry Bird" Advertisements on the Samsung Galaxy S Phone

Angry Birds is made by Rovio and available to download on your smartphone. Originating for play on iPhone's operating system, the game has since also been available on the Android platform. Samsung's smartphone Galaxy S is one of the many devices on which you can download Angry Birds. The paid versi

How to Dispose of Styrofoam

Expanded polystyrene foam, sold under the brand name Styrofoam, can be most simply defined as air and plastic. Like any plastic, Styrofoam does not easily decompose and can cause harm to the environment and wild animals that may eat it. It is also not easy to recycle, as most counties do not allow

How to Make Your Closet into an Organized Dressing Room

Depending on budget and size restrictions, you can plan an elaborate closet makeover or something more modest. By definition, dressing rooms require at least enough space for you to change clothing in. Well-designed dressing areas make life easier in the morning, but you needn't include every possib

DIY: Home Alarm Installation

Home alarm systems can guard against both intrusion and fire. Both types of home alarm system--wired alarm systems and wireless--can be installed by a homeowner. Once installed, a home alarm system can provide a high level of protection.

How to Reduce, Reuse, & Replace

Becoming environmentally friendly can contribute to our quality of life on a personal level as well as a whole. You may be open to making a contribution but are just set in a pattern of doing things a certain way. There are many ways in which you can contribute to the conservation of resources. Star

How Medical Alerts Became a Pop Culture Phenomenon

What are medical alerts? They are devices worn by an individual that are used to alert emergency personal as to when that individual requires medical attention. These alerts are used to prevent emergency situations from turning into a tragedy and to provide independence for those with limited mobili

How to Select a Wireless Camera, DVR For Home Security

The article describes how to select a wireless camera for home security, asset-monitoring and surveillance purposes. Wireless camera, receiver / DVR and monitor, that compose a wireless camera system, are discussed.

How to Troubleshoot a FireX Smoke Alarm

Firex smoke alarms are made by Kidde who also make alarms under the trade names Clipsal and Code One. In addition to cleaning Firex smoke alarms require weekly testing and yearly battery replacement. Maintaining your Firex alarms is important to trouble free operation. Firex recommends you install a

How to Transplant a Palm

Palm trees are frequently transplanted and at a fairly high success rate. Transplantation of a palm is most successful during the spring and early summer, due to the increase in soil temperature during that time. It is also advisable to transplant a palm during a rainy season, as this will reduce th

Green Friendly Laundry Tips

The water and energy used by your washer and dryer consume limited natural resources each time you wash your clothes. You can't stop doing your laundry, but you can make changes to your laundry routine to make a smaller impact on the environment. While you're helping the environment, you also help y

Wide Array of Options and Nice Advantages of Rolling Gates NYC

Rolling gates NYC offer a wide variety of benefits; they are easy-to-use, protected, durable, and offer large defense against the would-be intruder. Roll up obstacles have amplified in attractiveness rather significantly due to these affirmative ...

Know More About Litigation Support Services

The following article will provide you with a detailed insight on what litigation support services are and how it will be useful for lawyers and attorneys.

How to Tell If a Door Is Hot in a Fire?

Fires are the third leading cause of accidental death in the United States, according to the University of Oklahoma Police Department. If you're caught in a fire, In less than 30 seconds even a small flame can grow out of control and become a major blaze. A closed door can protect you from the flame