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How to Make a Chihuahua Jacket

Chihuahuas have short coats and small, lean frames, both of which leave them vulnerable to chilly weather. During the autumn and winter months, Chihuahuas need a jacket or sweater to keep them warm during their daily walks. If dog jackets at the pet store fail to fit your budget or tastes, you can m

How to Care & Clean a Maltese's Ears

The Maltese is a toy-sized canine with a long, silky coat. The dog has long ears, and a lot of hair grows inside them, hindering the air from drying the ear canal. The area inside the ears is dark and moist, ideal for bacteria, yeast cells and wax buildup. Proper care and cleaning of the ears is nec

White German Shepherd Puppy - Determine Whether This Breed Suits You!

So you're considering about buying or adopting a White German Shepherd puppy? Well, before you pack your bags and start shopping for the right puppy to take home, you might as well first put research into knowing more about your new family member. After all, what kind of owner would you be if y

How to Tape Dogs Ears After Cropping

Ear cropping is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves removing part of each ear.After cropping, the desired effect is for the ears to stand upright. However, after the surgery, it is usually necessary to tape the ears in an upright position to train them to stand as desired. This procedure is

Dog Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung cancer is rare in dogs as a stand-alone disease. In most instances, the cancer has originated in other parts of the body before appearing in the lungs. Lung cancer can affect dogs of any breed or size.

The Terriers in the Working Group

Dog shows have so many groupings, that it can be difficult to keep all of the dogs straight...Contrary to popular belief, not all of the terriers are in the "Terrier Group". There are 27 breeds in the Terrier Group itself, according to the AKC.

The Non-Sporting Group

The AKC (American Kennel Club), and indeed, every National Kennel Club and dog registry, classifies each dog breed based on its original function. This is a list of the Terrier Group -

Dog Beds Are More Important Than Dog Clothes

Dog clothes are a big deal theses days, but sometimes I think we have forgotten that dogs sleep a large part of their day. Who will care if your dog wears the most fashionable clothes in the neighborhood, but has an uncomfortable bed to sleep in.

How to Help Dogs With High Energy and Anxiety

Most dogs were bred for a job, such as herding, guarding, hunting or retrieving. Few dogs today live on farms or get to do the jobs they were bred to do. A working collie can happily spend all day managing a flock of sheep or herd of cows; a pet collie without a job has few outlets for high energy.

How to Use Bleach to Clean Dog Urine on Cement

Take safety precautions when cleaning dog urine off of cement with bleach. Dog urine contains ammonia, and mixing bleach with ammonia can produce toxic fumes that are potentially lethal. Even though the levels of ammonia in dog urine are low, it is best to neutralize the urine before cleaning it wit

How I Ended Up House Training My Dogs Indoors With A Litter Box

My first Lhasa Apso puppy dog Pepper came into my life back in 1979. I was getting him use to using newspapers since that's how many puppies start out with house training. It wasn't too long before I had moved out on my own to a high-rise condominium in downtown Toronto. My new home was an

Pekingese Neutering

Neutering your Pekingese has many pros and cons. While the term neutering is most commonly associated with castrating a male dog, neutering also can be the term applied to sterilizing both males and females. An owner must always give thoughtful consideration to the process of neutering, thoroughly w

Finding the Dog Bed For Your Beloved Pet

When you own a dog, you need to ensure that they have all possible comforts and that their needs are met. Having a nice and comfortable place to rest and sleep is absolutely needed, especially if your dog cherishes his resting time a lot. A dog bed comes in several different shapes and sizes, but be

Training An Aggressive Dog

With nearly 52 million dog bites occurring in the United States alone each year it's no wonder more people are tackling the issue of training an aggressive dog.Almost any type of dog aggression can be reduced or even eliminated over time as long as the dogs owner takes a consistently active rol