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Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment: January 2005

Unemployment rates were lower in January than a year earlier in 275 ofthe 367 metropolitan areas, higher in 86 areas, and unchanged in 6 areas,the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reportedtoday.

An Analysis Of City And Guilds 2391|2392

Electricity is among the most elemental facets of modern day life. Both commercially or domestically, we all are in need of professional electrical engineers. The bottom-line is, electrical staff are used to set up, maintain and also test related equipment and structures. The task is considered to b

Why Is There A Need For Executive Education Training

The executive education becoming a norm instead of an expectation is now on the rise. Whether a person happens to run his own business or happens to work as the CEO of a particular company, ...

Skills for Student Success

Students with strong study skills will likely succeed academically.Study Scene image by Angel-Photos from Fotolia.comPossessing the skills required for student success can provide several benefits. Academic success may lead to increased professional opportunities and earning potential...

Science Safety Topics

Children enjoy science because it lends itself to hands-on exploration. Science safety should be an utmost concern in the classroom. Posting safety rules is not sufficient, though--safety should be introduced at the beginning of the year, when working with new materials and at the beginning of each

Paying For College - Five Ways to Get Money For Your College Education

More and more young people today are opting to work towards getting a college level education or a college degree particularly since there are a lot of different choices to pay their way through college. In the not so distant past, going to and paying for college would require a lot and I do mean, a

Evaluating The Education & Training Potential For Virtual Learning Environments

Virtual Learning Environment with all the advanced features such as enrolment, curriculum mapping, course options management, assessment of student records, tutor support, quality communication, delivery of learning resources, profile keeping, wider management, tracking of offline learning and inter

Add Flooding to Your Family's Home Security Plan

While most families have a clear plan about what to do in the event of a fire, not many have a firm 'flood plan' set in place. Although a flood is far more likely to be a once in a lifetime natural disaster, that one time it happens to you, you and your family will definitely want to be pr

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

How would you finish the sentence: "The human being is the only animal that... "? It is not a simple task as the reason we are who we are is because of countless evolutionary choices and opportunities.

How to Take and Pass a DSST Exam

DSST exams, also referred to as DANTES exams, can be a great way to quickly earn college credit. Many people mistakenly believe these exams are only available to military members, but actually anyone can take them and get ahead on their college degree!

Regrouping Activities for Grade Two

Regrouping is a curriculum standard for most states in the second grade. Many students find regrouping difficult. The process of regrouping requires the students to have a good understanding of number recognition and place value. Using manipulatives gives the students a chance to practice regrouping

The Importance of Attending an Executive Assistant Workshop

The position of executive assistant has come to be highly regarded. More often than not, the executive assistant is the right hand man of the executive. It's no wonder that many vice presidents and presidents of corporations have a history of being executive assistants. They are privy to almost

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood generally encompasses the first eight years in the life of an individual. The education given during these years of a child's life plays a very important role and helps in proper development of children. Early childhood education can be fundamentally termed as "Learning thr

The Facts about Water Reduction

Many companies must dispose of water and waste on a daily basis. This can be due to the run off of equipment or in the process of manufacturing. Whatever the reason, disposing of water and ...

How to Score a GPA

Your high school or college Grade Point Average (GPA) is a measure of overall academic achievement. Individual scores for each course are tabulated into the cumulative GPA score. Most schools tabulate overall GPA scores for you, but an employee or transfer institution may need a GPA score for speci

Scholarships and Grants For Single Moms - Free Money For School

Are you a single mom in college or thinking about going back to school? You've probably noticed just how expensive getting a degree can be and wondered if it is worth it. You increase your chances of securing a high paying job once you get your degree, but will it be enough to pay back all of t

How to Teach With Magnets

Fun magnet experiments demonstrate basic principles that apply to physics, geology, engineering and other scientific disciplines. All magnets have north and south poles. Similar poles repel, while opposite poles attract. Magnetic strength varies due to atom alignment and electron movement. A magneti

Two Year Colleges in Indiana

Flexibility, reduced costs and career-targeted programs are just a few of the benefits of attending a two-year college. With programs ranging from nursing and accounting to information technology and culinary arts, two-year colleges offer students a wide variety of options. Throughout the...

How to Be a Good Counterfeit Detector and Spot Fake 20

We should all train ourselves to be good counterfeit detectors. In October 2003, the United States government has issued a new version of the twenty dollar bills. This new $20 has some of the best security features that you can check for when you receive money from the customers. Also, these new