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Present Ideas for Teenagers

Gift ideasgift boxes, christmas gifts/presents image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comThe recipient's likes and interests should be primary factors in selecting a present for a teenager. Her favorite pastimes can give you a good jumping-off point, or you can ask friends, family members or those...

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle

Wine is a versatile gift. It is perfect for a housewarming, holiday or dinner party, birthday, anniversary and to welcome a new family to your neighborhood. Once you have selected the wine, add some personality to your gift by wrapping the wine bottle.

Gifts for a 3-Year-Old Girl

Choose a cool gift for the 3-year-old in your life.little girl image by Natalja from Fotolia.comBuying gifts for 3-year-old girls can be a lot of fun. Unlike their first two birthdays, by the time a little girl turns 3, she has likely developed more of an individual personality with...

How to Plan a Potluck Thanksgiving Meal for a Large Group

A potluck dinner is a fun way to share the duties of preparing a Thanksgiving meal. If you are the host for a potluck Thanksgiving meal, you don't have to worry about doing all the cooking yourself. Nonetheless, you will still have your hands full. Planning and executing a potluck Thanksgiving takes

Types of Gala Dinner Themes

Place centerpieces on plates for guests to take home.Banquet Table With Grass Centerpieces on Plates image by NorthEnder from Fotolia.comWho doesn't enjoy attending a themed dinner extravaganza, especially if you get to dress up? Gala dinner themes can be as simple or as ornate as you...

How to Decorate a Nightmare Before Christmas Gingerbread House

Halloween and Christmas are not usually associated with each other, but in the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas," these two holidays are blended seamlessly into one story. To celebrate both holidays and the movie, you can turn a gingerbread house into a "The Nightmare Before Christmas" theme.

Gifts for Children to Make Parents

Finding the perfect gift for your parents can be hard. They already have most of the things they want, and you are probably short on money. Make them something they will treasure for a lifetime. Hand-made gifts are more special than anything you can buy in a store, and they are fun to make and give.

What to Do Right During the Christmas Season

Across the nation, the most prominent decoration in a home is the Christmas tree, and one of the tree's most pronounced features are the lights. Some will choose a stately static white over bright blinking colors, but it is truly a matter of personal preference. If a fresh tree is not an option

Empty Nest Gift Ideas

Individuals experience the empty nest syndome in different ways. Mothers may have more difficulty adjusting to the lifestyle change and single parents may feel more alone than couples. Family members and friends can make a huge difference when children leave the home of their parents. Cards, phone c

What are '80s Punk Rock Costume Ideas?

The 1980s were filled with bubblegum pop and rock heavy on synthesizers, but many remember it as time of punk hits, when '70s underground music broke into the mainstream with artists like Billy Idol climbing the charts. The punk movement was also known for its edgy fashions, with everything from dog

Halloween Activities & Events in Chicago

Jack 'o Lanterns are in abundance in Chicago throughout the month of October.Halloween image by Pakmor from Fotolia.comHalloween isn't just for kids anymore, and while there are a variety of October events in Chicago that are age-specific, many offer fun for trick-or-treaters of every...

Hockey Related Gifts

Purchase a customized hockey stick as a hockey image by Inhumane Productions from Fotolia.comIf you have a hockey player in your life, give him a gift related to this intense sport. Gifts of equipment can be very expensive, so decide ahead of time how much you can spend. There...

How to Control Christmas Lights With a Microcontroller

Watching public displays of synchronized Christmas lighting is a visual treat enjoyed by many during the holiday season. If you do Christmas decorating at home, you can enjoy special holiday lighting right at your doorstep. Instead of the usual static display, you can create various color or movemen

Outdoor Entertainment Areas Ideas

Would you like to create a space in which you, your family and friends can relax and really take full advantage of those long, hazy times of summer?

How to Create a Pokemon Costume - Misty

Pokemon co-star Misty is a skinny waif with a lot of skin showing - trick-or-treating as her could possibly result in hypothermia, so be warned. Here's her ensemble.

Baby Shower Thank You Note Ideas

Many pregnant women have the privilege of attending a baby shower in their honor, a celebratory gathering organized by loved ones often involving gift giving. After the shower, send your family members and friends customized thank you notes as a sign of your gratitude and appreciation of their effor

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party for a Teenager

The bachelorette party is a momentous occasion that marks the final days before a wedding. With the extensive planning that many brides-to-be are putting into their actual wedding, it's a nice break for them to have a fun night with just the girls. Traditionally, bachelorette parties might be held a

Halloween Candy Alternatives

Halloween is probably one of the best nights of the year for most children. Dressing up in costumes, going around from door to door to trick or treat, and then coming home to check out the booty are all highlights of the evening.

Halloween Fancy Dress - Harry Potter Parties

Harry Potter is a fabulous children's Halloween fancy dress theme. Both adults and children love the books and films. It's a tale of wizards, witches, good and evil; making it a superb Halloween party choice.