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Hey China, Stop Blaming the US For Your Economic Problems

Wow, what a difference a few years can make. About two and a half years ago when China's economy was clearly over heating with year over year growth of 10% the United States asked them to stop purposely devaluing their currency and let it float. Our issues were the growing trade deficits that w

The Roles And Responsibilities Of Your Wedding Party

The wedding attendant role is fun yet also carries a large amount of responsibility, which is why the bride and groom should choose persons they are close to and trust to handle important details befo

Is That Wood Sustainable?

Whether you want to lay down a wood floor, buy some new furnishings or build a deck, you might want to know if the product you are purchasing has been harvested in a sustainable manner. For wood to be declared sustainable it must come from a certified sustainable forest.That means that the wood has

How To Have A Happy And Successful Marriage

If people were to ask me how do I keep my married life fulfilling, I would always answer that there is no single perfect formula or solutionEven celebrities and other famous people are living in their own shadows while making us believe that they are one example of a happily married couple.

Can you spot fake money?

This 550 word manuscript gives information about how to spot and what to do if you recieve counterfeit money. It includes interviews with a restaurant worker, a convenience store manager, and a bank m

Want To Sell Your Product In Online

The Product Catalogue is, as you would expect, the part of the store that displays your products. This can range from a single hand coded HTML page displaying a few products up to a massive multi-category store containing thousands of products. Store with a large number of products normally use a dy

Princess Diana Charity Work Has Not Been Forgotten

From the moment that it was announce that she would be marrying Charles, the Prince of Wales, Diana found herself in the limelight by becoming part of the Royal Family. During the years from her engagement to Charles until her untimely death in a car accident, Diana managed to win many fans and admi

Characteristics Of Self Defense Stun Guns

People that work in some certain type of jobs and women might need self defensive weapons to protect themselves. You will never know when you may get attacked so it is wise to carry a self defense stun gun with you.

The Final Perspective

Be very skeptical of a society with a biased or controlled media. Take the time to talk with a few refusniks to refresh your memories about the powerful impact a controlled media has on its population and its politics.

Is a Mortgage Cramdown a Good Alternative For You?

On Friday December 11th, 2009 the US House of Representatives decided to reject a measure that would have allowed bankruptcy judges the ability to use their discretion in helping homeowners who are upside down in the homes. How did this affect you?