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Heritage Kayaks

At times, all we need is a great day out in the water either fishing or watching birds. Whichever the case, heritage kayaks cater for this. Specifically these heritage traditional kayaks are light weight and comfortable.

2009 Melbourne Cup US pay-offs

Shocking held off Crime Scene to win the 2009 Melbourne Cup by a half length at Flemington Racecourse in Australia. Mourilyan was third while favorite and last year's winner Viewed finished 7th. Get the results and US pay-offs here.

How Long Does a Scuba Tank Last?

An average scuba diver on a forty foot dive can stay underwater about 45 minutes. However, the length of time the air in a scuba tank lasts will vary depending upon depth, tank volume, and the diver's air consumption rate.

3 Places Where You Always Find Catfish

There are many factors that determine the success rate of your catfishing. The gear you're using is probably one of the most important ones among them.

2009 Sovereign Award Winners

Winners of the 2009 Sovereign Awards, the Canadian thoroughbred year-end championships. Champs Elysees was named Champion Turf Male and Horse of the Year. Eugene Melnyk was the big winner, taking home four awards for Owner, Breeder, Older Male, and Broodmare of the Year. Trainer Roger Attfield won f

Sports Handicapping Services

Sports betting has risen through the seedy undergrowth of desperate bets, massive gambles, and greedy bookmakers that can hunt you down should you can't spend again the enormous betting debts to an established way of ...

Bodybuilding Step By Step Workout Guide

Now let me start off by saying there is no perfect workout routine, everybody is different and people respond to different things, one of the most important things to learn in bodybuilding is what your body responds to best. So, I'm going to give you a bodybuilding step by step workout guide.

Diving in Curacao

If you are on the island looking for a houses for sale in Curacao, and you are interested in Scuba diving, then it may interest you to learn that there are over 60 dive sites on this island so it is effectively diver's paradise. There is some of the best diving on Curacao and for the experience

Golf Driving - Practice Smarter Not Harder

If you are trying to improve your golf driving, you will definitely need to practice. In any given round, you will only use your driver about 18 times, and learning while playing can be very ineffective anyway. So, to really improve, you should plan to practice as often as you can, have a plan, and

Find the Right Drivers for Yourself in 2014

Hitting longer drives leads to shorter approaches, which then leads to better chances at holing shorter birdie putts. A longer shaft means higher swing speed, and higher swing speed equals higher ball speed, and higher ...

The Benefits of Sports Motivation

The field of sports is a highly visible one, where extrinsic sports motivation plays a large role in a single player's success and confidence. It can also assist in helping sport teams to focus on and improve sports strategy.

4 Tips to Correct Girls Basketball Shooting

If you are not shooting the basketball in the basket consistently, something is wrong with your shooting technique. By correcting your technique and form, you will see the number of shots made by you increase dramatically. Here are four tips to assist you.

Garmin Montana 650t Handheld GPS Reviewed

Whether your goal is to find your way around while hiking or getting through traffic without losing your way, you will appreciate the efficiency of the Garmin Montana 650t handheld GPS for keeping you on track of off the beaten track, whatever the case may be. The locational device features a built-

Selecting The Proper Overseas Transferring Firm

If you are planning to move abroad, then you should really plan. There are numerous things that must be carried out when moving overseas. There are a thousand little particulars which must be taken care ...

Twelve Basic Rules For Building Great Horse Relationships

Horses are more uniform in character than humans. While there is a wide variety in personality and aptitude in the world of horses, most of their behavior is predictable. Whether your equine companion is a Quarter Horse, Arabian, Tennessee Walker or of another breed, it is still a horse and the basi

Ping Unveils Latest G25 Driver, Irons and Hybrid

Ping has waded even deeper into the adjustability pool, this time with its Ping G25 driver. Released right after the PGA Merchandise Show, it is the first in the G series to have that feature, ...