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Balloonasaurus Rex

Jeremy Telford, the "Balloon Guy," recently created a life-sized T. Rex skeleton out of thousands of balloons. Here's a peek behind the scenes at the construction of Balloonasaurus Rex.

Sequencing Lessons for Third Grade

Third graders are entering the exciting world of reading to learn and for enjoyment. Sequencing skills help students with reading comprehension. You can assist your third grade class in identifying the beginning, middle and ending events of stories, teaching them to be alert for words such as, "Once

Graphic Design College Requirements

Advance your graphic design career with a degree.abstract graphic design image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comIf you are interested in securing a professional graphic design job, you should look into an art college with a graphic design program. Understanding the requirements of a...

Can Learning Spanish Really Help Me Get A Job?

If you are interested in adding an additional perk to your resume then learning Spanish is a huge bonus! You can verify this by visiting one of the job search websites. A lot of the companies who list the job applications are looking for employees with bilingual speech capabilities.

Zoology Education at Colleges in Ohio

Earn your degree in zoology to work with wildlife.lion image by david purday from Fotolia.comA degree in zoology is a logical precursor to becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, working with wildlife in zoos, animal rescue or in conjunction with environmental studies. Zoology, the...

Skills for Student Success

Students with strong study skills will likely succeed academically.Study Scene image by Angel-Photos from Fotolia.comPossessing the skills required for student success can provide several benefits. Academic success may lead to increased professional opportunities and earning potential...

Science Safety Topics

Children enjoy science because it lends itself to hands-on exploration. Science safety should be an utmost concern in the classroom. Posting safety rules is not sufficient, though--safety should be introduced at the beginning of the year, when working with new materials and at the beginning of each

Add Flooding to Your Family's Home Security Plan

While most families have a clear plan about what to do in the event of a fire, not many have a firm 'flood plan' set in place. Although a flood is far more likely to be a once in a lifetime natural disaster, that one time it happens to you, you and your family will definitely want to be pr

Video: How to Calculate the Percentage in Mathematics

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're here to talk about how to calculate the percentage in mathematics. Now, there's one strategy that you want to use for sure, and then the last steps is really kind of up to you as to how you want to do it. There's a couple of things to...

Can You Be a Legal Nurse Consultant?

The world of nursing has so many different interesting and exciting niches that any nurse is likely to find exactly the right place for his or her career. One of the niches within nursing that ...

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

How would you finish the sentence: "The human being is the only animal that... "? It is not a simple task as the reason we are who we are is because of countless evolutionary choices and opportunities.

How to Take and Pass a DSST Exam

DSST exams, also referred to as DANTES exams, can be a great way to quickly earn college credit. Many people mistakenly believe these exams are only available to military members, but actually anyone can take them and get ahead on their college degree!